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August 30th, 2013 
Jim Reid
Broker, ICI, ABR

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Commercial real estate comprises a vast array of real estate investments. These are commonly grouped into three categories: Investment, Commercial and Industrial, (ICI). Only a small number of Realtors are equipped to professionally practice commercial real estate. (Jim Reid is professionally accredited to practice commercial real estate by TREB.) 

Many Commercial practitioners tend to specialize in certain property types and thus have active clients who buy and sell in their speciality. For example, Jim Reid has close associates who specialize in: Golf Courses, Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Industrial Leasing, etc. etc.


Investment real estate properties tend to be ``passive`` purchases by a real estate investor. These comprise a multitude of property types, including: rental condos, rental apartment or office buildings, plazas, retail buildings, raw land, building lots, etc.

A key criteria is that these properties generate an income for the purchaser or they may be held to incur a capital gain at a later date. They are not to be confused with investments in securities against buildings such as MURBS used for tax deferral purposes.

Individuals and corporate interests may be involved in making commercial Investment property purchases.


Commercial real estate usually requires active participation by the investor. These real estate purchases often go beyond just land and buildings and often include the purchase or sale of whole businesses or divisions of businesses. Such purchases are often more complex than traditional real estate deals. Jim Reid`s extensive corporate business experience, business valuations and financial expertise is particularly helpful to his clients in this market.

Examples of this kind of business include the Sale or Purchase of: Corporate or Family Businesses, Office Buildings, Retail Franchises, Churches, Marinas, Campgrounds, Hotels, etc. etc.


Industrial real estate may involve the construction, purchase, leasing or sale of: industrial buildings or warehouses, development land, subdivision lots, industrial condos, etc. etc.

Such purchases often involve environmental studies or special usage applications. Jim`s team of experienced and expert associates will smoothy guide such projects through the proper channels.

Be sure to check out thousands of Commercial real estate opportunities through Jim Reid`s Commercial Website at: .



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